Since 2016, Rooted In Education has awarded more than $52,000 in student scholarships. The purpose of our educational grants is fueled by a vision where every child – regardless of financial means - engages in enrichment programs beyond the classroom - to expand their knowledge, pursue their passions and ignite ideas for how they will contribute to our ever-evolving world.

To that end, our mission includes closing the gap and increasing participation in these vital programs by awarding need-based grants to Title 1 schools and similar communities. Grants are available for PTAs/PTOs, school administrations, Providers of enrichment programs, and the general public, to apply and receive funding for enrichment program scholarships and/or offset solutions to program administration challenges that impede or prevent the success of these vital educational enrichment opportunities.

  • - Program Enrichment Coordinator, Prince William County
    "It was neat to see the confidence that they developed. Not all kids have computers, but it gave them the opportunity to learn coding and play a game that they don't normally get to play with their friends. Some of them got really into it and began to read books about Minecraft and write stories."  
    - Program Enrichment Coordinator, Prince William County
  • - PTA Grant Awardee, Fairfax County
    "As a Title I school, we serve many students from challenging socioeconomic situations and our PTA budget is severely limited. However, our school community is warm and vibrant and we seek to encourage, challenge, and inspire all students equally. The EE Grant funding enables us to open up enrichment opportunities to students who could not otherwise participate, giving them opportunities to try new activities, learn new skills, and find new strengths. We are so grateful for [the EE Grant] support in past years to [help us] open up new opportunities for our students."
    - PTA Grant Awardee, Fairfax County